Commissions and Collaborations

Most any combination of shape, textures, colors, materials of size seen in my work can be reimagined for you or your clients into a home or business space in need of a unique piece of art. Because my core material is so lightweight, artworks can be created in size and scope more flexibly than many other media (ceramic, stone, etc)


Commissions are the best way for me to connect with my co-creators: clients, designers and other artists. In every case, together we create something larger and more meaningful than I can do alone. Whether the final product is for you, one of your customers or even a public art project, this is where the synergy happens and part of why creating art is so rewarding. The commission process happens in roughly 3 phases:

  • Design/Conceptualization Phase – This can be very simple if the client wants something similar to an existing work. If there are either original design concepts involved or particular installation requirements (such as fitting an artwork to a curved wall or other constraints), this process is more involved and requires additional time. Once we have settled on what is to be made, I use a simple contract to make this legit and then I get to work.
  • Fabrication Phase – This is just what it says, the time for me to build your custom artwork. There will be one or more progress points where – again depending on the complexity of the intended installation – I check in with you to verify colors, configuration or other aspects of the piece. If there are schedule constraints, I will keep you updated on the progress as often as weekly if necessary.
  • Installation – The piece is complete and ready to deliver and install. Depending on the circumstances, this could be shipping the artwork to your home or business and that’s the end of it or I am always available to assist with or personally install my artwork. This would all be discussed and agreed to up front in our contract.


Collaborations take on many forms..

  • Commissions – See above! I view all commissions as collaborations (but not all collaborations are commissions).
  • Collectors – I love talking to collectors about their ideas for artwork I might help to create. This is usually where the commissions come from as my clients form a stronger bond with the resulting artwork, having a personal stake in the result and creating great stories to tell their friends!
  • Professionals – Collaborating with designers and art consultants to imagine how art could enhance a grander vision for corporate lobbies, architectural integration and the like.
  • Artists – I love working with other artists and craft folk and have previously integrated my artwork with mosaic artists and woodworkers. I’m open to just about anything.

On that note, I’m actively seeking to participate in public art projects where my skills would contribute to the cause and will be submitting proposals to several projects in 2022. Maybe I could use your help?


The term “successful artist” is won or lost on whether the artist – independent of artistic talent – is also a capable business person. Prior to focusing on my passion as an artist, I had a 35 year engineering career specializing in communications systems engineering (BSEE/MSEE). Independent of my core expertise in communications networks, I worked as a project and program manager managing multi-million dollar budgets and varying size teams of up to 40 people. I founded and owned my own engineering consulting business, negotiating and structuring multiple $1M+ contracts, delivering turnkey systems and specialized services to 6 different prime contractors over my 7 years in business. All of this has provided me with extensive experience in running a business, managing schedule, budget and personnel, atypical of most artists. Designers, general contractors, art consultants and anyone else needing to purchase and install artwork as part of a larger effort should not have to worry about supplier/subcontractor reliability. I intimately understand and honor this expectation.

If you are interested in working with me in any capacity (e.g., custom work, commissions, installations and beyond) and/or are interested in reviewing my standard contract, please include that in the Subject field in the Contact Form below. I really look forward to hearing from and working with you.

Please Note: Filling out this form will not provide you with an onscreen message following a successful submission. I will contact you within 24 hours of your inquiry. Thank you!