Collaborations take on various forms in my art world.

Existing Work – Client Services

Buying art is a big commitment and one of the more difficult things in choosing the perfect piece of art is visualizing how it will work in your space. For clients interested in a current piece of artwork, I offer a free digital service that allows you to see the artwork installed in your space.

Simply shoot a few well lit photos of your space(s), let me know the piece of art you’d like to see in your space, and email them to [email protected]. I will email back photo renderings of the artwork(s) to scale in your space so that you can easily see how the colors, composition, and size work specifically for you!

New Work – Commissions

Working with clients to create a new piece specific to their needs can be fun. The client is a part of the creative process; this creates a personal connection and a story to tell when showing the art to others. This is a very simple process if we’re talking about something similar to an existing piece. Otherwise we’ll work together to agree on what’s required and then I’ll get to work.


Collaborating with designers and art advisors/consultants to imagine how my art could enhance a grander vision for residences, hotels, corporate, hospital or restaurants locations is a variation on the processes described above. This is what I would really like to be doing more often so please, get in touch!


I love working with other artists and craft folk and would be open to discussing public art, commission work or just about anything where you think I’d add value.

If you are interested in collaborating with me in any capacity, let me know how we can work together in the Subject field in the Contact Form below. I really look forward to hearing from you.

Please Note: Filling out this form will not provide you with an onscreen message following a successful submission. I will contact you within 24 hours of your inquiry. Thank you!