3D Painting Collection

Paintings you’ll want to touch! I have seen too many artworks passed off as 3D Painting and it’s usually just adding a bit of texture paste to a canvas and an otherwise conventional painting. I wanted to work on the same form factor as paintings and then use all my proprietary sculpture techniques. My 3D Paintings are low profile sculptures on canvas, providing the unique textures and depth of a sculpture with the lightweight and sizing features of a painting.

What’s The Frequency Series

I saw a picture of a mountain range with a mirror-like reflection in an adjacent lake. It made me think of the image of a frequency spectrum (waveform) from my days as a communications engineer. As a matter of fact, the second piece I did is actually a voice print of the phrase “All you need is love, love is all you need.” (It’s the one with the subtle heart in the bottom right corner.)

Plate Series

The first plate I made went onto a canvas so …it’s a 3D Painting! Subsequent plates are ‘hang alone’ wall sculptures you will find here.

Building Blocks Series

This was my first series of the 3D paintings. Working with the idea to stretch the concept and invent construction techniques to figure out what works and what doesn’t. In reality, developing a wholly unique style of artwork.