The current phase of my artwork began with change, my slow transition to being a full time artist. Through the integration of human forms and various images from nature and fantasy, these anthropomorphic sculptures convey the spirit of transformation at work in all of us. Caterpillars become butterflies or moths, nymphs turn into dragonflies, acorns grow to be trees.  The work is constantly evolving, that in itself representative of how I – and all human beings for that matter – can embrace change, metaphorically shedding the skins of our previous selves to grow – intellectually, creatively and spiritually.

I create mixed media 2- and 3-dimensional sculptures, wall mounted or free standing with stone bases, using steel, copper, bronze, fused glass and acrylics. The results are both figurative and (increasingly) abstract.

My personal aesthetic tends towards colorful, highly textured and dynamic surfaces – the latter a holdover from decades of working with clay.  Surfaces, bodies and wings are covered with texturing compounds providing a design surface that I colorized with metal coatings, patinas and acrylic paints.

Even the pieces with highly polished metal surfaces light up with cross-hatched grinding patterns and symbolic etchings. I create 100% unique fused glass compositions from clear, transparent and dichroic glasses and apply in various ways to complete the artwork.

That’s what I make …

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