3D Sculpture Collection

These pieces are primarily pedestal artworks meant to be displayed on tables, counters, mantles and similar elevated surfaces. All series are listed chronologically, most recent first. All pieces within a series are similarly ordered, most recent first.

The Totem Series

I started working more vertically, wanting taller pieces that could ultimately be free standing on the ground. They are built by carving separate blocks of EPS and then threading them on a steel rod before cementing together and finishing the design. Series title comes from their similarity to totem poles.

Totem Series Update: The newest pieces in this series have added another unique material to my design toolbox. It’s a clay-like compound made from ball clay, cement and sand. I have started calling it “Air Clay” – it’s malleable like a clay body, does not require firing and air dries to a nearly concrete level hardness. The trade off is that it adds weight to my super light sculptures … but it’s worth it! These pieces have a sculpture-in-a-sculpture aspect that will be leveraged heavily in the future!

The Hoodoo Series

This was the first series of pedestal sculptures in the polystyrene era of my artwork. The basic form was inspired by sculptures made by ceramic artist Paul Soldner. Since my primary material is so lightweight, I can play with gravity … just like the hoodoos you see in highly eroded rock formations.

The Exclusive Collection

Art is of course famous for defying categorization. The Muse presents me with an outta left field idea – usually when I am supposed to working on something specific – and once in a while, this turns into a finished piece. In this case, the creative process involves virtually no premeditation; these are one-off designs that will be forever unique.