The tree pieces in here reflect the fact that I think trees are really cool.  I could go into some Avatar woo about sacred trees and cycle of life and, well, you know.  So let’s stick with “trees are cool.”  These are 2018-2019 era and were made towards the end of my anthropomorphic sculpture phase.  Made with plate steel and fused glass.

Garden Sculpture

I learned metal working (welding, cutting, bending) and how to use acrylics by making … metal flowers.  Most of the Garden Sculpture here includes flowers made of steel and finished with texture paste, acrylic paint, metal coatings and patinas.  Yep, this is where all that started. I read a branding book that said I’m supposed to have an origin story.  Pretty sure this part of it.  And ceramics and making car models.  Maybe the glue sniffing.

Then I started making dragonflies.  Then I stopped making dragonflies.

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