As you may have noticed, this blog isn’t just about art.  One topic that will keep coming up are the things that influence my art.  Energy, that’s one of those things – I am convinced that energy, is a key, maybe THE key, entity that governs our reality.  Everything, is made of energy (Einstein taught us that).

Spiritual leader Eckhart Tolle has spoken of individuals he refers to as the Frequency Holders.  This is something of an interesting concept. Let’s just say (for now) that it is all about energy, and energy is roughly characterized by two parameters: the intensity of the energy (power) and it’s frequency (the vibrational ‘level’ at which the energy is manifest).  I’ll just comment on the latter for now.  Consider a time when you were with someone and you just had a bad feeling about them?  What sorts of things do we say?  That guy is giving me a bad vibe. Fighting or arguing with your significant other?  We are just out of synch today. Vibration.  Frequencies are not aligned.  In a communications system, when the wavelengths of two signals are out of synch, the energy in the two waveforms cancel each other out: no communications.  However, when they are aligned, when the frequencies are the same, they are additive and the sum of their energies are available.  Available to transfer information, to make a connection between transmitter and receiver.

Now, think again for a second, what happens when you align yourself with the universe, with that intention which brought you – and everything – into this physical reality.  When you align your state of being with this resonant frequency, you can discover many things, maybe even your purpose in life.  I discover … the artist within.  When I am at one with that vibration, in that flow state, creativity is not necessarily coming just from me.  That sub-super-consicous mind is helping to drive the process of creation, flowing through me, manifesting.  I am not alone.  And let me say, it’s pretty cool.

“Everything is, vibrating.”  -Grace Slick, Woodstock soundtrack.

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