My wife Marsha and I attend the Unity Center in San Diego.  Sunday services are led by the Rev. Wendy Craig-Purcell.  A week or two ago, Wendy  had this gem to share as a part the day’s topic:

“To the extent that we are controlling, we are limiting the ability of the universe to work through us.”

Wow.  My immediate reaction was the value of this message for allowing spirit into your creative process as an artist.  It’s bigger than that of course as it applies to our very existence wherein we often limit our consciousness to only what we can see.  Or control.  I know with myself, that is manifest via the egoic ‘me’ that wants to be in control … and eventually gets in the way.

This was summed up nicely in something from Hazrat Inayat Khan I read this morning:

“Either we live with our limitation or let God reign there in His unlimited Being.”

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