Various outdoor art … here.  Garden art, yard art, whatever art.  I learned to make things that will survive outside: they wont fall apart, wont rust, never need watering or ironing.

I started with metal flowers, then moved on to dragonflies, then started putting dragonflies on top of other structures.

Then started making whatever I wanted to (hint: that’s part of what’s so cool about being an artist … so many Rules To Be Broken)


Why dragonflies?  Why dragonfly sculptures? Dragonflies are a symbol of metamorphosis; they are born in water and then move into the air. They also change color as they mature.  When I started to be serious as an artist (LOL), the metaphor was appealing. I had visions of dragonfly sculptures  for years, long before I knew how to weld, sculpt or fuse glass.  It took some time – and about a dozen tries – to achieve something close to my vision shown here in the final few sculptures.


More art for the Outdoors.  I started here to learn metalworking and patinas.