This was my first series of metal art (work).  Learning to use the plasma cutter, welder, oxyacetylene torch … and acrylic paint and texture paste (I have lot of fun with paint).  To be honest, this was low hanging fruit, allowing me to learn and practice and actually produce some decent pieces (they are flowers, not exactly high concept stuff, but fun).

The first ones were a bit rough – I spent too much time on extraneous details and not enough effort on being more consistent with nature (another learning experience).

Metal Flowers

After doing single flowers, I moved onto “bouquets” or groups of flowers mounted on a base (a friend was giving me disc brake hubs – they are perfect for using as a sculpture base).  I became more adept with the texture materials used on the flowers and leaves. The texture on the red flower in this picture was actually auto body bondo.

I REALLY like texture.

I learned to manipulate the liquid metal coatings (turns almost any solid material into a bronze or copper surface) and using patinas instead of paint.  The larger arrangement above is all acrylic paint, the detail shot below is all metal patinas.

Metal Flower close up
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