Lots going on this week, could be blogging for a month based on all that is happening with me as an artist.  Still in Sedona and (TAH DAH!!) …  finished a couple of decent paintings.  Just for the record, these truly are my first paintings.  I have been goofing around with my “Square Foot of Love” series (all 12″ x 12″ pieces on tarpaper, all with hearts as the theme) but I would not “really” call them paintings from the standpoint that their real purpose was to get some experience with acrylics.

This is the first one I finished.  It’s titled “Sedona, Not Sedona.”  I love the rock formations here but they have been painted to death.  So, I added my own colorful twist.  All those colors are somewhere in them thar hills, I just brought them out in force.

Pulled in the engineer brain figuring out how to make this… painted the blue sky first.  Then I used masking tape to tape off the whole top of the canvas and drew the ridge line of the mountains behind the art center where my Soul of the Artist is hanging out.  I then used an Exact-O knife to cut away the “mountain” part, leaving the blue sky covered up and the canvas (now mountain outlined) available to be painted.  Put a whole bunch of colors down and then scraped it with a putty knife.  Pulled the tape off for a knife edge outline of very colorful mountain.

Like Sedona, but, Not Sedona.

Oh, and all the plants were painted … with plants.  I went around outside and got various small flowers and leaves and used those as “paint brushes.”  Other than the original painting of the blue sky background, no brushes were harmed in the making of this painting.

Too fun..

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