I dont know what I dont know: what I DO know, is that the quantity of what I dont know is a lot. So, let’s eliminate a variable, the ‘WHAT am I going to paint’ variable.

Eggs, Sunny Side Up

This is why I started out my painting career with … just hearts. I could spend my time learning about acrylic paints, brushes, sponges, the color wheel, blending, textures, finger painting (I remembered how!) and any number of other things far more worthy of my attention. Focusing on a single iconic symbol allows me to escape the consideration of form as a part of the creative process. Plenty of time for that later.

It is 100% opposite of what I really want to do: everything. No, no, no … simple is always the best place to start.

Artist’s Note #1: I couldn’t help myself (straying from simplicity) … I integrated one or more cutout metal hearts into some of the heart paintings. Heart painting with hearts. Department of Redundancy Department.

My goal is to finish 25 of the 1 square foot heart paintings and hang them all together in a 5×5 grid. I’m going to call it “25 Square Feet of Love”

Eggs, detail/side

Artist’s Note #2: Fabrication – These are all on handmade frames using 1/2″ x 2″ furring strips with a luan base. This is then covered with tar paper (thank you Tres!) the sides are then lathered with lava paste to give it a truly cool texture.

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