I just read something from Seth Godin’s blog.

“Sometimes we share our answer thinking it might be the answer, when it might have been better to ask a generous question instead.”

He is talking about verbal/written communications, how words matter in our ability to connect.

I think this applies very much to making art as well.  Plow ahead with something you think you are making.  Continue with what you saw yesterday: a texture, a color combination.  Go ahead, have all the answers.

Sometimes, often even, it is really important to stop and ask questions.  Is this working?  What happens if I do this?  Where in the hell is this going? What just happened?

Most important of all is for the artist to leave a few questions for the viewer.  If I answer all the questions for you, I will miss the opportunity to connect.  Art has the ability to bind, if only for a minute or two, the artist and their audience.

It’s part of the reason I make art – I want to share, I want you to see it too.