There is a variety of art that I have made over the years, leading up to the last 4 years where I have really focused on developing my own style and producing various pieces in series.  I thought it might be useful to summarize all of “what was” as a part of my Art Story.  Then I’ll do three subsequent posts that provide a broader summary of the major categories of work over those 4 years.  This first wave is all ceramics – a media that has influenced both my “artistic attitude” as well as my aesthetic, including why texture is so important to me and what I create.

Ancient Artifacts (1976-1980)

These are images of the few pieces I have left from Ceramics classes in the late 1970s.  Most of the pieces are either low salt fired or raku, the latter which got me hooked on art.  Most of those pieces were given away – I think I sold one pot for $35 at a student show.  Some of them are still in my yard!

Ghostyheads (2006-2009)

I became very interested in shamanism and petroglyphs (still am).  These were the most complicated pieces I had done to date; it really forced me to focus on the craft involved in many different media and assembly techniques.  There were 25 different steps required to make these.  My wife Marsha calls them “Skulls and Skirts.”  Funny lady …

Platypots (2013-14)

I started these after one of our friends (Debra Lee Baldwin) suggested to Marsha and I that we make pots using glazes that could be matched to the colors of succulents.  This resulted in all kinds of cool and crazy pots.

I called them ‘platypots’ after my favorite animal, the platypus, proof that God has a sense of humor!  The pot below on the bottom left was created with a mold I made of a cauliflower.  I had also started a rather unique technique of making the ‘feet’ of the pots to look like the legs on an elephant.  Totally spontaneous bit of creativity but it stuck since they looked so cool.  You can see it on the cauliflower pot and another here on the right planted with a cactus (a beautiful pairing if I do say so … thank you Marsha!)

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