This is another of those “let’s see if I can make it/do better” projects. I saw a large metal heart for sale in a gallery in Sedona, AZ that was so basic it was borderline annoying that someone was selling it. Probably 30″ square with some squiggles and lines cut into it. Had some kind of chemical treatment on the surface that looked more like discoloration than anything else.

ART! $400!

OK, let’s fix this. Here is my response to that piece. Yes, another heart which I do too much of but .. an iconic image that is a “something” and gives me a canvas to experiment. The cutout setting sun pattern was similar to Mexican art I’ve seen that used that as the overall outline of the piece: I chose to embed it in the heart motif.

The COOL part is the hot patina (yeah OK, pun intended). This is something Ron Young (founder of Sculpt Nouveau) taught me a couple years back. The basic idea is to put a black patina on the whole piece (better foundation than the raw steel for the colors to come) and then gather up a bunch of oxides and mica powders in some dixie cups for your ‘palette.’ Next thing is to fire up the propane torch and heat a section of the metal (200 degrees is the target but ultimately you get a feel for what’s right) and then dab on the patina with a cheap-o paint brush (thank you Harbor Freight!). The liquid patina dances a bit then quickly evaporates giving you the tortoise shell look. This piece has blue, red, yellow, orange, white and gold. The latter is just the gold mica powder mixed in with liquid Ferric Nitrate.

Size is 32″ H and 28″ W.

Hot Patina Heart
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