This piece is another of those things that just popped into my head and then became something “I had to make.” That is literally the case in a number of my pieces; they are never intended as a series wherein I will make some quantity, varying component design and colors. They are truly one of a kind (and I wont make any more of them), manifest in part because I wanted to “see what happens,” other times to find out whether I can even make the darn thing.

This is one of the great things about being an artist – so much possibility.

There’s two parts to this piece, the background (blue) weave and the ceramic pots that hang from the weave.

The weave is 18 gauge steel cut into various strips (maybe 1.5″ wide and 16″ vertical and 36″ horizontal) and then literally woven together like a basket, alternating the horizontal strips over and under with the adjoining vertical strips. I then coat the metal with a primer, acrylic texture paste (look closely and you’ll see the texture), a copper metal coating and then a combination of blue and green patinas. I love the way these particular patinas come out (sometimes I think I use them too much!).

The 3 different ceramics pots were a variation on the Platypots that I was making for about a year. The “key” variation is that these were ‘half pots’ so I could hang them from the weave. This particular pot (and the glaze that it has) was very popular … we sold a bunch of them. One neat little nuance is that the texture on the sides of the pots is from a mold I made from the base of one of the palm trees in our yard. It has all manner of awesome little grooves and crevasses. I just roll it into the clay and then carve the top to give it that serrated edge pattern.

The picture below shows it planted with succulents and hanging on the wall at the back of our house. Plantings courtesy of my wife Artist and Chief Gardening Officer, Marsha.

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