These are the first pieces that are truly representative of what my style is going to be for some time now.  I have hit the slipstream and it’s raging!

Multiple pieces of recycled styrofoam glued onto an aluminum plate and carved with a hot knife.  Then some surface texturing and lots of layers of paint.  These pieces are flatter and more square than I’ll do in the future but I have to learn in chunks and not do too many things at once.  “Solid construction” was the goal for this series.  Operation was a success.

I included pieces metal in all of them and small amounts of fused glass in a couple.  This will evolve quite a bit as I plan to optimize each of those (completely HUGE areas of) design options.


Category: Abstract Wall Sculpture

Title: “AWS Series I”

Materials: Recycled styrofoam, fused/kiln formed glass, steel, copper plating, acrylic paint

Size (approx for all) : 13″ x 13″ x 2″ (W x H x D)

Price: $250 each