This piece was totally driven by my muse.  I really had no goal in mind when I started making this.  No sketches about a 3-part cube/square thing held together by rebar that would become “Black & White TVs.”   This is one of things I love about making art … going along for the ride!

I had a general idea of the construction for the 3 individual pieces.  I wanted to embed the fused glass between two pieces of foam, a process I started with the Heart of Thorns piece.  I wanted to use acrylic paint-tinted lava paste to attach the painted steel.  That was it.

I then moved towards a black and white color scheme to see what it would do for me … I’m a bit “color palette” challenged so I figured I’d reduce the options.  That’s when the idea hit me: the old B&W TV test patterns.  I did the fused glass design with that in mind and this is what I ended up with.

The sides have painted cement for texture with some rusted steel “control knobs”

Fun piece.  Truly one of a kind.  “Color TVs” to follow!