The first iteration of these sculptures were all metal with various acrylic texturing materials, finished with metal coatings, patinas and acrylic paint.   The pieces are designed to be viewed from the front or back.  The newer pieces combine the EPS with a metal armature (for internal structure and support) into lightweight and durable artwork.  All pieces have a heavy duty base so I can (theoretically) build them much taller.

All of my sculptures are inspired by years of doing ceramics.  Well known innovators in the history of contemporary ceramics such as Peter Voulkos, Paul Solder and John Mason have influenced me since my first college art class.    The EPS allows me to carve large blocks of material into any shape I desire.  The texture materials I use have the same properties of clay: squishy, malleable … transformative.

At the end of the day, I still love playing in the mud.

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