Finished several new pieces .. actually it was a couple weeks ago that I finished them but, finally getting around to posting them.  Elsewhere in these blogs I’ve noted that “a lot of making art is like digging ditches.”  Marketing your art is no different … this is like work!

Anyway, this piece came to me in stages.  I thought of making the cattails out of clay quite a while ago (if my sketchbook is to be believed) and the idea for dragonflies made out of spark plugs popped into my head about 2 months ago when I was trying to come up with a form factor that I could hang on a life size cattail.

The base is built on a retired disc brake rotor (thanks Tim!) with my metal “grass” that has the copper metal coating and a variety of patinas layered on it.

Its cool when a little breeze hits … all the cattails and dragonflies move around!

Here’s another shot (a little hard to see since it blends with the plants but .. you get the idea):

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