Just like real dragonflies, there are lots of design options in my sculptures. If you are interested in having a dragonfly sculpture of your own, we’ll need to determine a) if you like anything in inventory and b) if not, then what DO you want.  In either case, you can get in touch with me through the Contact Page and if you want, I can customize a piece to your tastes, decor, installation location, or any other variable you’d like to consider.  I aim to please!

There are variations in size, color and the way in which you might like to display your sculpture.

SIZE – Whereas I incorporate smaller dragonflies into my sculpture in various ways, there are two basic sizes for stand alone sculptures, large and medium.  The larger size is approximately 32″ x 32″ and the medium size is roughly 23″ x 23″  I figured it was silly to call a 2 foot dragonfly “small” hence, large and medium.  There will be a “small” version at some point … not yet.

COLOR – Color comes into play in the color of the fused glass in the wings (I usually start with that since the wing glass layout drives the rest of the design decisions) and the mosaic glass in the eyes.  Then I figure out the color of the patinas I use on the wings and the paint on the bodies.  What color the dragonfly turns out to be can vary widely but as a general “rule” those different elements all have colors that fit together (its an ‘art’ thing).

DISPLAY –  How and where you plan to display your dragonfly sculpture will determine lots of design elements.  Here again, multiple options.  Display itself is really two different categories, stand alone and mounted.

Stand Alone – Dragonflies can be either hung vertically (on a wall, fence, tree, etc) or situated in a standing posture on a rock, patio, wall etc.  The big difference in those two options is whether the dragonfly includes legs.  If it has legs, you can do vertical or horizontal; no legs, you have to hang it up vertically.  You may be thinking: Why wouldn’t I just get one with legs and cover both options?  Because including legs takes me longer to make and therefore they cost a little more than the dragonflies without legs … simple as that.

Mounted – There are a variety of options here too (I know, this is getting complicated but its easy to understand when you look at the pictures … it is really driven by where you want to display your sculpture(s)).  The options are:

  1. Post-mounted/ground installation – This includes a 1/2″ diameter steel rod that you can push into the ground to display the dragonfly in a garden or other location with dirt or sod (I suppose it might work other places as well, just have to make sure it supports the dragonfly … they are a bit heavy)
  2. Post-mounted/hard surface installation – Same thing as the above but this option includes a base that allows you to insert the metal rod into a small base that sets on a patio or other hard surface that you can’t push the rod into.  This is also the option for installing the sculpture in a pond as some of my customers have done.
  3. Pedestal Mounted – I have done a variety of bases for dragonflies that are sculptures in their own right.  They range from semi-natural looking “mountains” to trellis-like 3- and 4-legged pedestals that have vines, leaves and flowers on them (all made of metal).

So … lots of decisions to make about what your dragonfly sculpture will look like, most often driven by where you want it to live and what colors you like.  Contact me … let’s talk.


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