About 8 years ago I was helping a Peruvian woman with her business strategy (Mariscela Alvarez). As a part of our barter deal, she did a couple of shamanic healing sessions with me, including some guided visualizations to help discover my spirit animal/totem. My spirit animal turned out to be a dragonfly. Been buzzing around me ever since.

Dragonflies are a symbol of metamorphosis; they are born in water and then move into the air. They also change color as they mature.  As I transition into becoming a full time artist, this metaphor was not lost on me. I had visions of dragonfly sculptures – much as I build them now – for years, long before I knew how to weld, sculpt or fuse glass.

The dragonfly is also known for its propensity to fly straight into danger and is sometimes referred to as the indestructible insect (I thought that was the cockroach but, I suppose it’s OK to have more than one). For this reason, dragonflies are featured prominently in traditional Samurai armor as a protective talisman.

I like this take on dragonflies as well. I am realizing very quickly that being a successful artist is a lot about taking risks and hard work. I could use the extra protection.

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