Creating a simple piece of artwork, to start out with that as the goal, could be considered minimalism.  I don’t know the technical definition of that genre but, I suck at it.  It’s hard for me to do ‘plain.’

I am detail oriented.  I want to have “Easter eggs” in my artwork – the more people look at a piece, the more they see.  Finished, is relative. I want to futz around with a piece, literally play with it. It’s hard to know when to stop … and I am equally bad at taking away.

But, I have to do it.  There are too many moving parts, too many options for what I am capable of creating.  This prevents me from creating a defining body of work that establishes my brand – both my art and me the artist.  My overall aesthetic is in fact, evolving to a more ‘restricted palette’ to use a painting term.  I need to continue this trend in the near term to baseline the brand.  Doesn’t mean I can’t expand it down the road.  It just means that, for now, I need to simplify.

I mean for crying out loud, Mark Rothko made paintings that were colored squares.  I don’t have to go that far.