I’m in Sedona (one of my Favorite Places On Earth, must be them vortexes … ) for a workshop with Jeanne Bessette.  Jeanne is my latest FPOE (Favorite Person On Earth) … such energy and joy pouring out of this lady.  She actually asked me to teach a workshop WITH her .. .what an honor to asked to do that in my nascent state as an emerging artist.  More on that later … for sure!

I have long known that much of my art (ideas, inspiration, creativity) comes from the subconscious mind.  Not something you tap 24×7 but available to “make stuff happen.”  It’s one of the things that appeals to me about making art, bringing something forth from the intangible to the real world.  Something Jeanne talked about yesterday is using that connection that we have already developed as artists, to manifest the other things we want in life.

By the mere fact (the luck of the draw, the cards you’re dealt …) that you accept the challenge of being an artist, you have developed a connection to something that not only brings forth art but can work for many, many other areas.  This is a bit of an ephiphany (love that word!).

Definitely need to start visualizing my new car (the 2003 Lexus just isn’t cutting it anymore)

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