I was talking to one of our friends (Jennifer) about making art and she asked me how I come up with the ideas for my sculptures.

Ideas … take time.  They don’t just arrive fully formed no more than a human being shows up fully formed.  You have to work with an idea, nurture it.

I just heard a podcast where a woman was discussing string as a metaphor for an idea.  I forget exactly what she said but, I get it.  Sometimes you pull on a string and like what’s at the end.  Sometimes you don’t like it.

Art’s like that; you try different stuff.

Some things work …. End of string = GOOD!

Some things suck … End of string = NOT GOOD!

Sometimes the string is short, as in, 2 minutes short.  Sometimes you are “pulling” for years.

I know there is a connection to Seth Godin’s concept of “The Dip” but … I’ll work that out in the next post.


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