When you are an artist, do you become your art?  I have written about the flow state of creating, when you are so absorbed in your work that time suspends, flows happens and your creative powers/juices/mojo literally go on auto pilot.

I sit back sometimes and take in what I have done, really looking at the piece.  It’s not as if I’m in some suspended, zombie-mind state throughout the ‘making.’  I’m present, my left brain is there, solving problems, deciding what to do next.  I have decidedly non-flow moments of annoyance when things don’t work (sometimes longer than mere moments!).  But when you’re mostly finished with the gist of the work, when you have decided it’s ‘done’ and you can stop adding (or subtracting) and really see what is in front of you, that’s when I become fully aware that I cant take all the credit.

There are things I never had in my minds eye that now reveal themselves, nuances of form, alignment or color that just … happened.

Spirit got involved.  God was there.

There is a humility in this: lending my hands, my eyes, my brain, my blood sweat and tears as the vehicle, as an instrument of creating. I’m a “spiritual being having a human experience”, lending my earthly presence to bringing rock and clay, glass and metal, to life.

On a lighter note, that’s pretty cool …

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