One of the benefits of having a “new” career (artist) is that I have to learn new things, to remember new things. I think our older memories are better and more memorable because when you were younger, any one of those events, factoids or experiences weren’t competing with decades of accumulated memories, they were each allocated a greater percentage of your brain capacity. Those memories got the prime real estate, the beach front property – they were there first. Similar to how time seems to go by more quickly as we get older. Each year is a smaller percentage of the whole of our lives; when you were 5 years old, that sixth year was over 16% of your entire life.  At 60, that 61st year is less than 1.6%

It’s easy to get lazy as you age, especially brain-lazy. It’s one of the reasons I push myself to learn songs on the guitar – I have to remember song lyrics, chords, etc.  I’m doing something enjoyable but at the same time, it’s a bit of work, learning and remembering.  Same thing with art, always trying new materials, tools and ideas.

Always be a beginner at something; always be learning.  Your brain will thank you.