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Art Sales & Marketing 11.06.19

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I know I make good art. I know what goes into it. I will always be more critical of my results, my craftsmanship and my process(es) than just about anyone else. But, by good, I don't mean you will like it. If you dont like it, it may…


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Or as my dear friend Jan Viramontes calls them, Cows. I became interested in petroglyphs 15 years ago or more.  Around the same time I discovered Joseph Campbell, someone who has had increasing influence on me over the years. Campbell…

Heart Paintings

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I dont know what I dont know: what I DO know, is that the quantity of what I dont know is a lot. So, let's eliminate a variable, the 'WHAT am I going to paint' variable. Eggs, Sunny Side Up This is why I started out my painting career…