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Who’s The Cuckoo?

17 Nov 2017 – Just re-watched One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.  Won the Big 5 Academy Awards, including Jack Nicholson’s first Best Actor statue.  Looking towards the White House, the issue of who’s really crazy is being debated on the world stage. Bonus Flick Recommendation: Watch “The King of Hearts” … set in World War […]


Think about this one: “Living out of your vision is more powerful than living out of your circumstance” Happy Day …


That Nietzsche Guy …

Nietzsche is one of those guys I’ve liked since high school. I took an existential lit class (thank you Shanti!) that opened my viewfinder WAY wide on authors and thinkers.  Not that he was an existentialist per se but he was a part of the conversation. Sooo many good quotes but, in consideration of the […]


Conversations with Trees

If I’m stuck, creativity is taking a break, sometimes I’ll take a walk.  Get some air, try to be keenly aware of what’s going on around me, closely inspecting my world for something I’ve never noticed before. Never know what you’ll see. Yesterday, I saw a guy arguing with a pine tree.  Really.  Might have been […]

Painting, Not Sculpture

Lots going on this week, could be blogging for a month based on all that is happening with me as an artist.  Still in Sedona and (TAH DAH!!) …  finished a couple of decent paintings.  Just for the record, these truly are my first paintings.  I have been goofing around with my “Square Foot of […]

Manifesting … Art

I’m in Sedona (one of my Favorite Places On Earth, must be them vortexes … ) for a workshop with Jeanne Bessette.  Jeanne is my latest FPOE (Favorite Person On Earth) … such energy and joy pouring out of this lady.  She actually asked me to teach a workshop WITH her .. .what an honor […]

How Do You Come Up With These Ideas

I was talking to one of our friends (Jennifer) about making art and she asked me how I come up with the ideas for my sculptures. Ideas … take time.  They don’t just arrive fully formed no more than a human being shows up fully formed.  You have to work with an idea, nurture it. […]

Dragonfly Sculpture Options

Just like real dragonflies, there are lots of design options in my sculptures. If you are interested in having a dragonfly sculpture of your own, we’ll need to determine a) if you like anything in inventory and b) if not, then what DO you want.  In either case, you can get in touch with me […]


Starting Up

“If You’re Not Embarrassed By The First Version Of Your Product, You’ve Launched Too Late” The featured photo for this post is the first dragonfly I ever made.  It can also be seen on the gallery pages here.  The first one was, let’s just say, a little rough. I felt like I did everything wrong, […]