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Bringing Art to Life

When you are an artist, do you become your art?  I have written about the flow state of creating, when you are so absorbed in your work that time suspends, flows happens and your creative powers/juices/mojo literally go on auto pilot. I sit back sometimes and take in what I have done, really looking at […]


Why Do We Make Art?

What I am pondering today: It is an interesting philosophical exercise to consider the joy and flow one can realize in the making of art juxtaposed with the not infrequent challenges of creating. Let’s start with just why do we do this? There’s the practical aspects.  Some of us need the money.  Selling art pays […]

Controlling the Universe … Not

My wife Marsha and I attend the Unity Center in San Diego.  Sunday services are led by the Rev. Wendy Craig-Purcell.  A week or two ago, Wendy  had this gem to share as a part the day’s topic: “To the extent that we are controlling, we are limiting the ability of the universe to work […]


Full Tilt Bozo

Lots of people associate artists with madness.  Admittedly, we have our share of folks that historically were case studies for many generations of psychologists. Crazy is often a synonym for madness.  I look at it slight differently: You might have a moments of madness, true batshit nutzo “so-far-outside-the-box-there’s-no-box” thinking that kicks off your entree into […]


Intrinsic vs Extrinsic View

“Mastery is a journey, not a destination.  True masters never believe they have attained mastery.  There is always more to be learned and greater skill to be developed” –Swimming Coach, Terry Laughlin Right now, this month / week / day … I am struggling with what amounts to identifying the source of my validation as […]

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I just finished reading a book by an artist I have mentioned elsewhere in this blog.  “Outside the Lines” is the story of Bill Worrell‘s personal journey as an artist.  So many great stories and so many things that I resonate with at a very deep level.  This passage – towards the end of the book […]


Bob Dylan Shaman

“An artist has got to be careful to never really to arrive in a place where he thinks he is somewhere.  You also have to realize that you are constantly in a state of becoming, as long as you can stay in that realm, you’ll be alright.” -Dylan, 2007 ” What struck me is that […]