There are other places in this blog where I mention that I’ve been making art since I was 7 years old (etc etc).  All true mind you, but I’ve also been play acting at being An Adult Artist (capital ‘As’) for, oh I dont know, maybe 30 years.


I’ve made some cool art in the last 2 years.  The dragonfly sculptures were the first series wherein I really worked a theme, construction and materials until I got to the point with the last two or three that I made where I didn’t feel like I could improve them that much.

Then I moved into something completely different – sort of.  The figurative pieces I have been making in the last 6 months use some of the same techniques and material I learned in building the dragonflies.  This was primarily learning how to use fused glass but I also benefitted from construction experience with the dragonflies.  There’s still a ways to go with the ‘figuratives’ … the butterfly, dragonfly, etc anthropomorphic pieces are as close to Fine Art as anything I’ve done.  I’ll keep making those.

Now I’m leveraging those figuratives and doing something … not quite completely different … but yeah, enough different.  As long as my curiosity is dragging me around, I’ll let the muse drive the bus.  I was heavily invested in creating a consistent body of work because that’s what you need to get into the “Good Shows.”  But I don’t know that I am there yet, ready to settle on one thing/theme/etc. – there’s is still some road ahead.  I’m still looking for my voice.  I’m working on my ‘art story’, my elevator speech, my raison d’être for both my art and me, the artist.

All that.

I guess this makes me an Emerging Artist (think: Chrysalis –> Butterfly).  How about you?  Want to collaborate, work on some cool stuff together?  I’m looking for a Tribe.  At a minimum I  figure there is a village out there missing an Idiot: I’m available.

Until then, I’ll keep making art and writing.