The title of this post is a quote from Tara Brach’s book “Radical Acceptance.”  It refers to the Buddhist practice of “taking refuge” and being able face your fears by reminding yourself that “we are a part of something larger than our own frightened self.”

I’ve written a number of posts about Art & Fear (here and here among others) and I am in the middle of ALL THAT right now.  I am not afraid of making art.  I make good art, quality art.  You might not like all of it or any of it, but I do.  I make it for me.  It’s the process of putting it out there, marketing my art and myself, that kicks the fear genie into gear.  Then I start getting attached to the outcome of YOU liking it.  Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!

Why?  I dunno.  Part of it is overwhelm.  There is so much to do.  Branding, marketing, social media, website, photography (videos, images), networking, etc.  And all the technology that goes with it … the list is long.   I’ll be very good at it by this time next year.  Right now, I’m a bit scared.  Fear is winning.  Fear that I dont belong with all the ‘real’ artists.  I have imposter syndrome.

I need to find refuge in the art community, feel like I belong.  Deeply and without question believe the truth that I am an artist worthy of your time and interest.  Then I will have arrived.  I’ll be part of the tribe.

I’ll be there soon, I promise.