“Making art provides uncomfortably accurate feedback about the gap that inevitable exists between what you intended to do and what you did. To all viewers but yourself, what matters is the product: the finished artwork. To you, and you alone, what matters is the process.” -from the book ‘Art & Fear’

I’ve read elsewhere (full disclosure: not my idea) that once you are done with a piece, you don’t own it any more.  All interpretations, opinions, adjudication of value or worth … now belong to the art viewing public.  What I am left with is whether my vision was realized and, as the quote suggests, what I have learned.

Did this turn out the way I was hoping?  Once in a while, yes.  Most often, no.  However, I may indeed have missed on the specific vision I was aiming for but realized something even better, something that springs from the spontaneity of creating that I have helped manifest.  But it is NEVER a failure because I now have another iota of experience.  I’ve gleaned another bit of process, a smidgen of mastery that I will use next time.

It adds up.  I’ll take it.