I know I make good art. I know what goes into it. I will always be more critical of my results, my craftsmanship and my process(es) than just about anyone else.

But, by good, I don’t mean you will like it. If you dont like it, it may be that’s it not your thing, your aesthetic, your colors, your ‘eye of the beholder’. By good, I mean that it is well made by someone who really cared to put out a quality product.

If I want to be successful at marketing and selling my art, there is a long list of the things to do that lead to that success. And books. And articles. And blog posts. But one thing I wont do is make art that sucks, art that isnt teaching me anything, art that betrays my integrity as an artist. I want to create art that makes an impact on you; if I’m lucky, something that invokes a joyous curiosity in you, the viewer. I want you to ask yourself ‘how did he do this?’ or ‘what is this material?’. I want you to notice a surface detail you didn’t see before or how the art generates an interesting shadow on the wall.

Because yes, I did that. And yes, in most every case (full disclosure, not EVERY case) I see it too. But the most important thing is now we are communicating. Now we ‘get’ each other a little more.

When I find you, my job will be easy: make the art I love.

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