Second series of abstract wall sculptures.   For these pieces, I moved away from the square designs that were driven by the 12′ x 12″ aluminum plate that I had ordered a while back.  I am still using the aluminum but added some 1/2″ Wedi Board to the base to extend the design space.

I also got a lot more creative with the hot knife as a carving tool and renewed my interest in developing a specific set of color palettes.  There is also a bit of tinted acrylic gel used in two of the pieces.  It doubles as colorable glue when I need to shove a bit of metal or glass into the carved out foam.

Regarding ‘foam’, I found out that it is more appropriate (marketable?) to refer to the recycled styrofoam I’m using as ‘polystyrene’ so I will start calling it that in the future.

I’m doing new work every week until the end of the year so if you are curious about what is going on with me, it is “a work rapidly in progress.”  Don’t blink, you’ll miss something!


Category: Abstract Wall Sculpture

Title: Various, Series II

Materials: Wedi board, fused/kiln formed glass, lava paste, steel,  acrylic paint

Size: 18″ x 18″ x 3″ (H x W x D) .. varies by piece

Price: $195