This is the first of what I expect will be many sculptures in this style.  I am zeroing in on a particular look and feel that I use as a part of my brand going forward.

The inspiration behind this were some of the ceramic sculptures that Paul Soldner did in the latter part of his career.  He built them with a combination of wheel thrown cylinders and clay slabs; mine are all steel.  Building off the small base into something much wider was the key look I was emulating.  That’s also why it has a hefty concrete base to anchor it.

Steel provides me with a great deal more stability (welding helps with that) but I have to add any kind of texture I want with acrylic sculpturing compounds.  One of the things I liked about clay was any shape was easily achieved (within reason).

By the time the piece was complete, I saw a bit of a (unplanned) fish look to the front profile.  Hence the title: “Paul’s Fish.”

These will get larger and way more interesting.  Still testing.


Category: Abstract Wall Sculpture

Title: “Paul’s Fish”

Materials:  Steel, fused/kiln formed glass, bronze metal coating, acrylic paint

Size: 16″ x 17″ x 7″ (W x H x D)

Price: $675