Current pieces are all metal with various acrylic texturing materials and finished with metal coatings, patinas and acrylic paint.   The pieces are designed to be viewed from the front or back.

All of my sculptures are inspired by years of doing ceramics.  Well known innovators in the history of contemporary ceramics such as Peter Vouklas, Paul Solder and John Mason have influenced me since my first college art class.  The texture materials I use have the same look and properties of clay slip and soft, mushy clay.  I really love mushy clay.  Credit that to cookie dough, Play Doh … all kinds of doughs.

My next series of pieces will combine everything I have been learning making wall sculptures with styrofoam, into larger, freestanding metal-styrofoam masterpieces.

Well, the plan is to make masterpieces but, you never know what will happen.

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