Current pieces are all metal with various acrylic texturing materials and then patinas and acrylic paint.  Some pieces will have the Burnt Painted Metal that I use.  Some are very bare bones. The pieces are designed to be viewed from the front or back, each of the two sides complimenting and/or completing the view from the other.

These shapes are inspired by years of doing ceramics.  You can see elements of hand built clay pots in how the chunks of metal and cutting slag are roughly interconnected and welded.  The texture materials have the same look and feel of slip and mushy clay.

I really love mushy clay.  Credit that to cookie and Play Dohs.

Some of the pieces are abstract versions of fundamental ceramic forms (e.g., a teapot) made from metal.

There is another series of pieces called Rusties.  There are built from scrap from previous projects.  I do some additional cutting and bending but the rule is: time from start to finish is less than 60 min.  And they all have cool names.

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