Eclectic Art

The creative process often takes … time.  Ideas start forming in my head, sometimes days – even months –  before I begin to actually make a piece of art.  The muse takes over and, eclectic happens.

“Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected”  -William Plomer


I dont know too many artists who dont paint.  No matter what their preferred medium, we all paint … something!  Painting is so … immediate.  I love the fact that I can evolve the result with such a quick feedback loop.

Pretty much all the paintings here are of hearts.  When I was first learning about acrylics, I wanted to start with a simple image so I wouldnt be futzing around with composition.

Frames are all handmade and the “canvas” is tarpaper … yes, the stuff used for roofing (thanks to my friend Treś Taylor for that idea).

Even More Random

Yeah, so … there was other art here.  And there will be other art here later.

I just didn’t want to change the format of the webpage only to have to change it back again later.

Maybe clothing.  That’s a good idea.  Painted shirts, coming soon!