Why dragonflies?  Why dragonfly sculptures? Dragonflies are a symbol of metamorphosis; they are born in water and then move into the air. They also change color as they mature.  As I transition into becoming a full time artist, this metaphor was not lost on me. I had visions of dragonfly sculptures – much as I build them now – for years, long before I knew how to weld, sculpt or fuse glass.  It took some time – and about a dozen tries – to achieve something close to my vision (it’s the red dragonfly sculpture you can see here).  And, in the spirit of transition, the dragonflies are a means to an end, learning techniques and materials that move me into different areas of exploration and artistic expression.

Dragonfly sculptures are available in a variety of sizes with a wide range of color and display options.  Please check this blog post for details.


Stand alone dragonfly sculptures in the studio.


Dragonfly sculptures in their natural settings.