How Much is the Dragonfly Sculpture? Part 1

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When I show someone my dragonflies (or any art really), the most frequently asked first question is “how long did it take you to make it?”

Sometimes it’s just curiosity .. and that’s cool.  More often, if there is a sale involved, i.e., I’m explaining things to a potential client, the person is doing a rough calculation of how much per hour I’m making selling this one dragonfly sculpture.

The “OK, I won’t be a smart ass” answer is 6-10 hours, depending on all kinds of factors.

The more accurate answer is ’35 years’ since that’s about how long I have been noodling on making art as adult (we won’t count things before college … although that counted for plenty of hours).  There are so many skills that you acquire over all those years! You become much more efficient at doing all kinds of stuff, it’s nearly impossible for someone without those years of fumbling with tools (I’m REALLY good with scissors) and materials (you know how many kinds of GLUE there are now?) to quite appreciate what really goes into creating fine art.

Take the dragonfly series alone.  I have made 16 of them at this point, each one better (more aligned with my vision and the quality I’m looking for) than the previous.  The first one probably took 20 hours and pales in comparison to the most recent dragonfly sculpture.

If you start to count all the hours for all the work and learning that I have ever done to help me get to the point where I can make this totally cool sculpture, trust me, you’re getting a helluva deal.

And yes, we accept bitcoin.

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