Welcome to my website.

I am a Thingmaker, the artist-in-residence in my life and forever curious about the possibilities of my own creative capacity.  My art has various combinations of welded metal, clay and ceramics, fused and mosaic glass, patinas and paint used to create colorful, highly textural and one-of-a-kind pieces.

My current focus is outdoor and garden sculptures, usually with dragonflies.  There is a lot of other art to see here as well … thanks for visiting!

Dragonflies have a broad appeal to me as an inspiration for artwork. They come in dozens of colors, have these intricate, diaphanous wings and multi-faceted eyes that cover over 50% of their head. 65 million years dragonflies were 30” wide. I figured, why not now?

Flowers were some of the first things I made when I learned to weld. Whereas the quality has greatly improved, some of the basic designs remain because, as it turns out, people really like them.

My original painting experience was with the 3D flowers that were amongst my first metal sculpture projects. I found myself wanting a more “open” canvas to try different techniques, products and ideas.

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