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People ask what I do (as if one “activity” defines a person).  I’ll usually say ‘I’m an Artist.’ In reality, I’m a Thingmaker, forever curious about the possibilities of many disparate things assembled as one some-thing.  My art is very multi media, including various combinations of welded metal, clay and ceramics, fused and mosaic glass, patinas and paint used to create colorful, highly textural and definitely one-of-a-kind pieces.

My current focus is dragonfly sculptures in a variety of forms, sizes and colors, often finding a home as garden art.  There is plenty of other art to be found here as well so, check it out.

If you want to see my latest art or find out what I’m thinking, read my blog.

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Dragonflies have a broad appeal to me as an inspiration for artwork. They come in dozens of colors, have these intricate, diaphanous wings and multi-faceted eyes that cover over 50% of their head. 65 million years dragonflies were 30” wide. I figured, why not now?

Flowers were some of the first things I made when I started metalworking. These are totally drought tolerant and can add big splashes of color to garden and patio areas.

My aesthetic doesn’t always fit into categories.  Hence we have the Eclectic Gallery.  Here you will find what I’m calling “high concept art” – typically smaller indoor sculptures with stories attached, original paintings and figurative art.  The paintings – for now – are all about hearts.  The figurative pieces are, well, eclectic.

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