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When I tell someone ‘I’m an artist,’ sooner or later the reality emerges: I just like making things.  I love the process and problem solving involved in the assemblage of various disparate materials and skills into one some-thing.  My art is typically sculptural (3D and 2D) in form but also very multimedia, using combinations of metal, ceramics, fused and mosaic glass, stone, patinas and paint used to create visually appealing and, when I really nail it, emotionally connecting pieces.

My focus now is on figurative art with varying combinations of fused glass, steel and stone.  There is plenty of other art to be found here as well so, please click around.

If you want to see my most recent artwork, insights into my creative process or just what I’m thinking lately, read my blog.


Dragonflies have a broad inspirational appeal to me. They come in dozens of colors, have these intricate, diaphanous wings and multi-faceted eyes that cover over 50% of their head.  The fact that they start as nymphs in the water and eventually take to the air adds to their appeal: another reminder of metamorphosis and the power of change.  Dragonflies offered me the opportunity to learn increasingly complex sculpture construction techniques using metal, glass, clay and other materials to make enduring outdoor sculptures.

“It was always about doing figurative work.”  That’s my response when people ask ‘when did you start doing these?’  Matisse’s cutouts, Giacometti Walking Man sculptures, Bill Worrell’s shamans … have been imprinting my brain for decades with various abstracted versions of the human form.  I started with dragonflies, to learn how to do these.

Whereas my focus is figurative art, I do like making most any-things.  And, since creativity and inspiration on a given day doesn’t always neatly fit into a category, we have … the Eclectic Art Gallery.  Here you will find randomly conceived indoor sculptures (with stories attached!), original paintings, metal flowers and whatever else I dream up that’s good enough to take a picture of.

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